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May 23, 2024
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Frans Timmermans not supported for European Commission president

As official sources say, Frans Timmermans, one of the most bitter European official critics of Romania, is not sure to be sustained in the European Council. Frans Timmermans, a member of the S&D, the socialist-democratic European parliamentary group, was the most named politician after Manfred Weber of PPE lost its political support for the presidency of the European Commission.

As the Spitzenkandidat principle was rejected by a lot of European leaders during the negotiations for the European Commission presidency, one of the most vocal one being French president, Emmanuel Macron, Manfred Weber, the PPE candidate, withdraw its candidature for this position. Thus, the social democrats thought it was an opportunity to propose their candidate, Frans Timmermans, the VP of the European Parliament, one of the political figures who became quite a name at the European level after openly and bluntly criticizing Romania for its internal policies.

Now, it seems that neither Timmermans is to be supported by the European leaders, as some of them don’t accept a socialist as the leader of the European Commission.

The negotiations within the European Council are fierce, as the political leaders have also to nominate politicians to lead the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Central Bank, among others. After the nominations, the nominees must pass the European Parliament vote to be appointed to those positions.

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