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June 22, 2024
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Former Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Romania Sent to Jail for Corruption

Former Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Romania, Bogdan Olteanu, was sentenced to jail for 5 years. The sentence was issued on Thursday, October 29, exactly when the Romanian official was celebrating his birthday.

The 49-year-old former vice-governor was also a former politician and he acted as the Chairman of the Deputy Chamber within the Romanian Parliament during 2006-2008. Before acting as vice-governor, he had also been a member of the current governing political party in Romania, the National Liberal Party.

The corruption in Romania was quite a subject for many years and the level of corruption seems to have now entered a descending trend. Still, such sentences appear from time to time, as the trials take for so long. The corruption acts for which Bogdan Olteanu was sentenced today happened in 2008. Yes, you read it right: 2008, meaning 12 years ago. At that time, Bogdan Olteanu, according to the sentence, received 1 million EUR in cash from a local businessman for leveraging his influence over the Romanian PM at that time for appointing a certain person as the Governor of the Danube Delta.

The long arm of the law? Rather it’s a case of justice delay, especially when we talk about those 12 years. Nothing new for Romania, case closed, the culprit will be free in less than a couple of years. Wanna bet?

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