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March 4, 2024
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Former Romanian PM Florin Cîțu Investigated for Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Acquisition

Romanian Anti-corruption Department DNA asks to waive the Parliamentary immunity of former Prime Minister Florin Cîțu. The crimes for which he would be investigated relate to the so-called COVID-19 pandemic and the acquisition of the so-called anti-COVID-19 vaccines.

The prosecutors also asked for the waiver of immunity for the former health ministers Vlad “The Magician” Voiculescu and Ioana Mihaila.

The reaction of the Socialists, now the ruling party, was quick and blunt.

While the Romanians were dying, Voiculescu, Cîțu and Mihăilă STOLE! 1 billion euros was the cost paid by Romanians amid the pandemic for the millions of doses of useless vaccines bought by these criminals. Today, the DNA started the criminal investigation against this ORGANIZED CRIMINAL GROUP! The recidivist Cîțu and the “Magician” Voiculescu locked Romanians in their houses so they could STEAL! It’s time to pay for their deeds!

Romanian Socialists on the Party’s Facebook Page

The anti-corruption prosecutors accuse the three former high-ranking officials of acquiring 52,805,690 unnecessary vaccine doses, totalling 1,005,498,687 euros, to which VAT is added, which damages the state budget. Initially, Romania acquired 37,588,366 doses, which would have been enough to vaccinate more than 23 million people, 4 million more than the country’s total population.

Following this abuse, millions of doses expired and were destroyed or donated to third-world countries.

Other European Union countries woke up regarding acquiring vaccine doses during the so-called pandemic, and the EPPO – European Public Prosecutor’s Office started an investigation in that direction a year ago.

One thing is sure: when investigating the criminal deeds of any country’s official, prosecutors should investigate European officials as well. The contracts with the pharmaceutical giants were signed in Brussels, and the orders or suggestions to all the member states to acquire more vaccines came from the very top level of the European Commission.

The same European institution didn’t allow the member states to negotiate the acquisition of vaccines or buy them separately from the producers.

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