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July 24, 2024
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Former Romanian PM Officially Accused of Corruption

According to Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors, the former Romanian PM, Mr. Calin Popescu Tariceanu, is officially accused of corruption. The accusations are that, when he was Prime Minister, he asked for 800,000 USD as bribe for offering an advantage to an Austrian company operating in Romania.

Allegedly, he received the money between 2007-2008 as consultancy fee in exchange for his actions for certain decisions favorable to the Austrian company to be adopted.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu was the Romanian PM and the leader of the Romanian National Liberal Party at the moment when the country entered the European Union, as he was in office from December 2004 until December 2008. He is also sent to court in another criminal case, for abuse of authority, for deeds during his term as the Speaker of the Romanian Senate, the upper Chamber of the Romanian Parliament.

According to the Romanian law, the benefit of the doubt is granted to the accused until the final sentence in court. His case is going to be sent to court in the following period.

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