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June 2, 2020
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Following Journalists’ Protest, Romanian Government Became More Transparent With COVID-19 Cases

Many journalists asked the Romanian Government for transparency and streamlining the information flow for the benefit of the public, through the publication of statistical data about the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. The journalists’ appeal came in the context in which the Romanian authorities decided not to provide details about the new cases confirmed with COVID-19 at the county level. They forbade the Romanian local representatives to provide information about the number of tests performed, the number of people detected positively or the health status of the patients found positive.

The journalists mentioned that the Government’s practices of hiding information create panic and concern among the population, the authorities having the obligation to act transparently on behalf of the citizens.

In Suceava, one of the hot spots on Romania’s map with COVID-19 infection and one of the counties in which the local public administration is from the ruling party, there is a controversy related to the number of deaths reported by the authorities. The hospital had reported fewer deaths than it actually had, hiding the actual number of deceased persons.

Currently, the Strategic Communication Group has resumed the offering of the information regarding the number of the new cases of COVID-19 at the level of each county. At present, on April 3, in Romania, 3,183 cases of persons infected with COVID-19 virus are confirmed. Most cases are in Suceava, more precisely 866 infected persons, followed by Bucharest with 544 cases.

Photo source: biziday.ro

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