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June 22, 2024
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First Portuguese Soldiers Arrive in Romania

Romania’s Chief of Defense Staff, General Daniel Petrescu, attended the ceremony organized on Friday, April 15, in the 90th Air Transport Base, on the occasion of the arrival in Romania of a detachment of about 180 soldiers from the Portuguese Republic, who will be deployed in Romania following NATO measures to strengthen the Alliance’s Eastern flank, according to a Press Release of the Romanian Defense Ministry.

First Portuguese soldiers arrive in Romania

Carrying out your missions in Romania is a valuable means of preserving peace. The Portuguese detachment will be integrated into national and allied structures, in order to increase responsiveness, interoperability and, last but not least, to emphasize allied solidarity. The Romanian military is looking forward to training again with the Portuguese troops. We did our part. We have increased our own reaction capacity and we perform day and night, 24/7/365 activities in the fields of land, air and sea forces. The presence of Allied troops in Romania is the new normal. I emphasize, once again, that the measures adopted are eminently defensive, adapted to the security situation in our area of ​​responsibility “, said General Petrescu.

Romania’s Chief of Defense Staff, General Daniel Petrescu

The rest of the soldiers of the Portuguese detachment, which will consist of about 220 soldiers and military equipment, materials and related equipment, will arrive in Romania in the coming days. During the next six months, the Portuguese military will carry out training activities together with military units of the Romanian Army.

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