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June 4, 2020
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Famous International Brands Redesigned Their Logos For Social Distancing Campaign

Some of the most famous world brands tweaked their logos in an attempt to encourage social distancing. Among them Coca-Cola, Audi or Volkswagen.

Thus, McDonalds pulled apart its golden arches in Brazil, where the authorities are overwhelmed with new COVID-19 infected cases each day:

Mc Donalds Brazil changed its image on Facebook account

Lots of other brands follow this trend. Audi and Volkswagen, part of the same car manufacturing group, promote social distancing in the same way:

Volkswagen promoting social distancing
Audi promoting social distancing by changing its logo

More and more brands around the world, even if not tweaking their logos, are promoting social distancing in an attempt to fight the spread of COVID-19. Does it help? We think so, especially when considering the huge number of fans some of these brands have.

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