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February 23, 2024
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Facebook Crypto Ads to Be Allowed after Three Years of Ban

After three years since it banned them, Facebook, rebranded as Meta, will allow crypto ads. The announcement came after Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s plan to build the first Metaverse.

Starting today, we’re updating our eligibility criteria for running ads about cryptocurrency on our platform by expanding the number of regulatory licenses we accept from three to 27. We are also making the list of eligible licenses publicly available on our policy page.

Facebook announcement on Crypto Ads, December 1st

This is a big announcement in the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency marketing agencies to start using this channel again will have more chances of succeeding in this highly competitive world, and this is what the specialists are expecting.

The fact that Facebook/Meta allows crypto marketing again is a big change in the game. As we know it, Crypto marketing will definitely receive a boost, and the crypto marketing agencies, like ours, will take advantage of it. Facebook was an essential channel for crypto three years ago, and we expect this to happen from now on as well. Yes, meanwhile, we have adapted our strategies, but this is going to help us even more now. We will use Facebook Ads again, and we are ready to embrace the potential of Meta.

Anne M, Hack Growth specialist at Crypto Marketing Center

Some say it’s a surprising decision, though, especially at the moment, especially when it’s coming from Meta. Last October, Meta launched its first digital wallet, and it even had its cryptocurrency ready to be launched. Diem. Have you heard of it? You probably haven’t, as it wasn’t even established. It’s there, waiting for the Metaverse to be ready. And when it is prepared, it will disrupt the crypto game.

This crypto thing is going to be huge, we tell you!

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