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June 17, 2024
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European Influencers Offered Money to Claim Pfizer Vaccine is Dangerous

French and German social media influencers were offered money by an alleged UK-based agency, the goal of the influencing campaign being to smear Pfizer vaccine. Many of those approached by the British agency came out and told the facts as they happened.

Reportedly, the vloggers were offered EUR 2,000 and even more if they would’ve agreed to support the campaign. Basically, all they had to mention in their posts or vlogs was that Pfizer causes more deaths than Astra Zeneca.

The address of the British agency, supposedly named Fazze, was false. In fact, there is no agency with this name registered in London or in the UK. Moreover, the Western journalists found out one of the online IDs used to contact the influencers has a connection to VK, former VKontakte, the “Russian Facebook”.

While Pfizer is the most used vaccine in Europe, AstraZeneca somehow fell behind. Firstly, because of its adverse reactions, especially those involving blood clotting. Secondly, because of the way the producer failed to comply with the contract’s clauses regarding the delivery schedule and volumes.

So far, in the EU countries were administered 222,285,500 doses, which resulted in the vaccination of 42.7% of the adults (+18) with at least one dose and to the vaccination of 18.6% of the adults with two doses. From these doses, 166,131,234 are Pfizer, 52,807,966 are AstraZeneca and the rest are Moderna, Johnson&Johnson, Sputnik V, and the Chinese vaccine.

Overall, the number of adverse reactions following the Pfizer vaccine is more than the adverse reactions of any other vaccine, but this is because of the number of doses administered so far. Who has an interest in smearing the Pfizer vaccine? In theory, any other vaccine producer. In reality, we have to wait for the official inquiry to be finished, as one of the suppositions includes even states involved in this campaign.

Photo source: Instagram Léo Grasset – French vlogger contacted to denigrate Pfizer vaccine

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