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April 19, 2024
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EU countries have stopped extraditing criminals to UK

Following Brexit, some European Union member states announced they won’t extradite their criminals to UK during the 11 months transition period. Austria, Germany and Slovenia made the announcement, as these countries have a specific provision in the Constitution which says no national citizen can be extradite to a non-EU country.

More likely, these countries have to change their Constitutions, as in this case a separate treaty with the UK can’t overpass the national law. It means that an Austrian, a German or a Slovenian might commit a crime in UK and flee back to their native country and escape unpunished.

Romanian minister of Justice announced Brexit doesn’t affect the cooperation between Romania and UK regarding the extradition processes. Mr. Catalin Predoiu stated that even if UK does’t apply anymore the European procedures, there still are in power the judicial cooperation treaties between the two countries.

Romania is still waiting for the British authorities to extradite two Romanian persons from UK, namely Puiu Popoviciu and Alexander Adamescu, the last one the son of a controversial Romanian businessman. These two are known to live in the UK and the Romanian authorities have issued international warrants for them.

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