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January 28, 2023
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Ethereum Sets a New All-Time High, Bitcoin Recovers

This weekend, Bitcoin (BTC) maintained its upward trend, while Ethereum (ETH) eclipsed its previous high.
After breaking beyond the $ 4,000 barrier at the end of October, ETH has continued to rise. The price of ETH was approximately $ 4,300 on Monday, but it rose to above $ 4,600 on Tuesday and Wednesday before dipping.
However, after reaching a high of $4,768 dollars, the cryptocurrency is presently trading over the $4,700 mark. Since the beginning of October, ETH has increased by around 59 percent. In the meanwhile, bitcoin has rebounded over the weekend and is now trading at around 66.000 dollars, following a week in which it fluctuated between 62.000 and 64.000 dollars. According to Simon Peters, a crypto active analyst, cryptocurrencies are approaching their highest levels in the last three weeks, following a new high in the middle of October.

It seems that cryptocurrency is the new trend this year and people have become interested in this digital asset. So if you want to invest in cryptocurrency it’s not too late. Do your own research and decide if this category of investment will help you in the near future.

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