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March 4, 2024
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Estonia is Launching a New Digital Nomad Visa for Remote Workers

We’re happy to announce that Estonia is launching a new Digital Nomad Visa that allows remote workers to live in Estonia and legally work for their employer or their own company registered abroad.

This is how the announcement of the Estonian Government, which was recently published on their dedicated webpage, starts persuading the digital nomads from the EU countries and some others to come and work in Estonia, even if they do it for their companies abroad.

On short, if you live in Romania, for example, and you are tired of finding out that the EU countries close their borders for you or ask for mandatory quarantine on arrival, this is an opportunity if you are a digital nomad. Estonia offers digital nomad visa of up to 1 year, during which you can live and work on Estonian territory for whichever company in the world. Besides, you can also travel freely worldwide, proving you live in Estonia. At this moment, Estonia is one of the countries which handled the pandemic very well and there are no or very few restrictions for Estonian citizens.

It is not the first innovation of this kind from the Estonian Government, though. Estonia has been offering e-visas through e-Residence digital nomad program since 2014. More than 70,000 foreigners have chosen to get a digital nomad visa in Estonia and the program brought more than EUR 40 million for the Estonian state so far.

Interested? Fill in this form and go for it! The application fee is up to 100 Euros for the long stay visa (Type D), but it could be only 80 Euros for the short stay (Type C).

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