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December 10, 2023
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Romania’s Electric Castle Music Festival Postponed to 2022

Romanian music festivals were among the most famous in Europe before the pandemic. Untold, Electric Castle or Neversea were the ones who attracted to Romania hundreds of thousands of festival lovers from the younger generation.

Hundreds of thousands of participants were flying to Romania each year during the summer when the festivals took place. All these people used to enjoy not only the atmosphere at the festivals but also the tourist attractions of the country.

Apart from that, tens of millions of Euros were poured into the local economies where the festivals were organized and the local entrepreneurs, especially those from the hospitality industry, had a prosperous period during those days.

Romania’s music festival organizers announced these days that they took into consideration the postponing of the events, as long as the authorities don’t allow more than 2,500 people at these venues. The number is too little to organize a festival. In 2019, the total number of spectators who attended the festivals in Romania was 372,000 at Untold, 231,000 at the Electric Castle, and 150,000 at the Neversea.

Today, the Electric Castle music festival’s organizers made the announcement: the festival is postponed until 2022 after it was already postponed last year. Bands like Twenty One Pilots, Gorillaz, or Deftones already confirmed their presence for the 2022 edition.

It is expected for the other organizers to make similar announcements in the following days. At the end of the day, those famous bands need to be paid for singing at the festival, let alone the organization costs of the whole event. This cannot be done only with the money collected with 2,500 tickets.

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