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Experiencing the Joy of Easter in Romania: A Guide for Tourists

Easter in Romania is a vibrant celebration steeped in centuries-old traditions and deeply rooted in the hearts of its people. If you find yourself in Romania during this special time, here’s what you can expect.

Spiritual Traditions: don’t forget that more than 90% of Romanians are Orthodox Christians.

While there is a mix of religions in other countries, in Romania, more than 90% of the population is Orthodox, meaning they will observe this celebration as well. There are two main symbols to notice here:

  • The Holy Light: Witness the moving ceremony on Easter Eve, where Romanians gather at church for a midnight service. As the clock strikes twelve, the church is plunged into darkness, followed by the priest emerging with a lit candle, symbolizing the light of Christ’s resurrection. The congregation then lights their candles from the flame, passing it on, creating a breathtaking spectacle.
  • Church Services: Easter Sunday sees Romanians dressed in their finest attire, attending church services filled with joyous hymns and prayers celebrating the Resurrection.

Festive Delights – whenever visiting Romania, don’t forget to ask for traditional Romanian food at the restaurants, especially during this time.

Romanians are very friendly with their guests. If you happen to dine with a Romanian family during this holiday, chances are the table is filled with festive delights. Also, if you dine at a restaurant, ask for these Easter delights during this time of the year; chances are they have them.

  • Easter Feast: Romanian Easter tables overflow with delicious traditional foods. Expect roasted lamb, sausages, various kinds of cheese, and the show’s star: Pasca, a sweet bread with a rich, creamy cheese filling. Cozonac, a fluffy, braided cake, is another delightful treat, but this one is also met at Christmas and other religious celebrations.
  • Painted Eggs: A vibrant symbol of Easter, Romanians decorate eggs with intricate designs using natural dyes like onion skins and beetroot. These colourful eggs are used in playful tapping competitions, where the unbroken egg signifies good luck.

Experience Romanian Easter the way you should!

We recommend you visit the traditional villages, especially Moldova and Transylvania, the two historical regions in Romania that still preserve this tradition.

  • Visit Villages: Immerse yourself in the authentic spirit by visiting Romanian villages during Easter. Witness traditional practices, witness the vibrant folk costumes, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals.
  • Sample the Cuisine: Indulge in the delicious Easter feast. Many restaurants and guesthouses offer special Easter menus, allowing you to savour the unique flavours of the season.
  • Embrace the Joy: The Romanian Easter celebrates life, hope, and renewal. Feel the infectious energy of the crowds, the warmth of family gatherings, and the beauty of age-old traditions coming alive.

Remember that Easter is a deeply religious holiday in Romania. While enjoying the festivities, be mindful of dressing modestly when visiting churches and respecting local customs.

With its blend of spiritual traditions, delicious food, and unique customs, Easter in Romania offers an unforgettable cultural experience for any visitor seeking a glimpse into the heart of this beautiful country.

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