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March 5, 2024
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Rising Dutch Xenophobia: Romanian Refused Staying in Hotel Because of Nationality

A Romanian was refused accommodation in a Dutch hotel because of his nationality. Xenophobia is not new in the Netherlands, but this time, the story hit the headlines in Romania. It is clear that, in addition to Muslims, Romanians are also targeted by the nation that dares to teach lessons in the European Parliament on how Romanians should behave and what a big happy family the European Union is.

In short, Alexandru Hegyi, a Romanian professor living in Japan, was looking to stay in a Dutch hotel in Tilburg. He reserved the room through Booking.com. All good until he received a message from the hotel. They said he could not stay at the hotel because of his nationality. Being Romanian is a crime, even in the “democratic’ Netherlands.

Dear guest,

Thank you for your accommodation. But unfortunately we have an agreement with the municipality of Tilburg, our accommodation no longer receives Romeinse people.


Bosscheweg, B&B Tilburg

The message from the owner of the Dutch hotel to the Romanian guest.

The professor received the refund, but he was so upset with what happened that he informed Booking.com. The platform told him they suspended listing the Dutch hotel, and an investigation is ongoing.

The Romanian professor was so outraged by the Dutch xenophobia that he wrote a public review to the hotel.

I was travelling to Tilburg in the Netherlands, and I have reserved a hotel room via Booking.com here. They confirmed my reservation, but later sent me a message stating that the Romanian people were not welcome and cancelling the reservation. Because it was late in the afternoon, we had to drive to another city to find a room for the night. They also claimed an agreement between the municipality of Tilburg and their hotel banned Romanians from their premises. Disgusting nationality-based discrimination.This is OUTRAGEOUS! ‼️‼️‼️I have travelled the world from east to west and from north to south, and I have never encountered such a shameless attitude. This kind of people shouldn’t be engaged in any activities within the hospitality field.When I questioned the hotel about it, they told me that Romanian people are involved in illegal activities, so they tagged me as being a criminal only because I wanted to spend the night there while visiting friends within the city.Several inquiries were made to the Tilburg council, and we are waiting to see what kind of agreements they have. Anyway, this kind of behavior is disgusting, and it is not going to stay like this. Dr. Alexandru Hegyi

Alexandru Hegyi on his experience with the Dutch xenophobia

Romanian politicians got involved in this case, complaining to the Dutch consumer protection watchdog and their anti-discrimination authority.

In the European Union, which has long since ceased to be a family and allows Austria to block access into Schengen for Romania and Bulgaria, cases like this draw attention to the discriminatory practices of the ‘upgraded Western citizens’ towards the Eastern Europeans. Because, let’s admit that the idea of a two-gear Europe has not been abandoned by the lawmakers in Brussels, nor by those in the Netherlands.

So, let’s face this harsh reality and accept that this behaviour of Western citizens against Romanians is not new and will not cease soon. The Netherlands is not a friend of Romania, which might be the case with many other countries. As journalists noticed, xenophobia is rising in the country of the red districts. The Romanian professor is just another victim, as the actual dimension of this behaviour of the Dutch people against Romanians and Muslims reached the highest possible level.

Are you planning to visit the Netherlands? You’d better change your destination and visit a friendlier country instead!

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Endre August 6, 2023 at 9:15 pm

Not just dutch people had enough of romanians, others experienced consistence bad and unacceptable behaves too from romanians


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