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March 5, 2024
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Drunken Irish Breaks into Romanian Parliament at Night

Late edit: The Irish citizen is free to leave the country as the Romanian prosecutors decided on Tuesday, December 28, not to press any charges against him.

UPDATE: The Irish tourist will spend the night in police custody. He is being charged with breaking into the building and destroying the windows and doors inside the Parliament. According to sources, he was too drunk to offer his version to the police officers almost all day. On Tuesday, he will be presented to the court to decide if he will spend the next 30 days in detention.

Initial News: On Monday, December 27, around 4:00 AM, a drunk Irishman broke into the Romanian Parliament. The Romanian authorities are currently on the scene to take evidence and establish how this incident happened. According to some sources, the drunk Irishman left a party and entered several Parliament offices. The man jumped the fence, broke a window in the basement, but due to the Protection and Guard Service, which protects the building 24/7, he was caught red-handed. Bucharest Police forces were alerted and sent several crews to the scene.

At this moment, investigations are being carried out under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office to establish the causes and conditions in which the event took place. Employees of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies are also present at the scene to determine how many offices have been broken into and the damage caused. So far, authorities have said the offender managed to enter Parliament through the main entrance to the Senate. A criminal case has been opened against the drunk Irishman.

The detained suspect is in a state of intoxication and is not lucid enough to clearly explain why he entered Parliament. The Irishman claims that he was at a party and was going to the hotel. He does not understand how he got to the headquarters of the Romanian senators and deputies.

So far, the information about this case is contradictory, and the authorities will issue a press release after establishing the circumstances under which this event took place.

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