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December 7, 2023
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Romanian Tech Company MCRO launches Docviser – innovative oncology platform

The fight against cancer is a lifetime challenge for physicians, oncology researchers, and patients. MCRO, one of the region’s most reputable software development companies, dedicated to improving doctor collaboration and cancer patient care, launched Docviser, the first intelligent oncology healthcare app in Romania.

Docviser is a medical platform created to facilitate the treatment process by introducing digitalization in the daily activities of oncologists. Docviser Oncology platform’s ultimate goal is to save lives. It was developed with the direct involvement of oncology doctors, tailored to their needs, and streamlines the information flow from the patient to doctors, medical staff, and pharmacists by providing real-time progress on the treatment protocol status.

By working with professionals in the field and having crucial medical expertise by our side provided by healthcare experts, we created an intuitive and easy-to-use platform so that doctors and all the medical staff can collaborate within clinics most effectively.

The process is very straightforward:

  1. First, doctors within the clinic upload all the patient data and the diagnosis.
  2. After that, for each case, a treatment protocol is assigned with the medicine, dosage and recurrence recommended by the platform, or a new treatment is prescribed by the doctor.
  3. Once the treatment protocol is validated, it is sent to the pharmacy for preparation.
  4. As soon as the treatment is prepared, it is then sent to the nurse to be administered to the patient.

Throughout the process, all the medical staff receive live notifications about the treatment protocol status. Doctors can communicate via the web app via messages, comments or video calls.

Cancer cells

Docviser helps me make better treatment decisions by leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology. I can now focus on what matters most – caring for my patients.”

Alexandru Iliescu, Head of Oncology at Zalau County Hospital, Romania

Docviser unifies technology with oncology patient care. Within this app, the medical records and health history securely exist in one place for certified doctors and medical staff to get a fast, in-depth and data-driven understanding of every patient’s individual needs.

Printscreen from Docviser - the oncology app

Docviser allowed me to combine scientific research with the technology experience I gained over the years. I believe these fields are tightly related, and there is a tremendous potential in validating scientific research with powerful real-life data and therefore save a lot of people’s lives.

Alexandru Lazar, CEO at MCRO

Docviser is an app that is paving its way into providing quick care management for cancer patients and provides:

  • Improved health data collection
  • More accurate diagnosis
  • Customized treatment protocols for every patient
  • The capability to track the medical administration
  • The ability to communicate between doctors and physicians
  • Increased interaction with the patients
  • Cost and time management

Docviser is designed to become the online hub for cancer treatment services in the healthcare industry. This platform will evolve into an indispensable tool for medical centres. It will open new horizons in cancer treatment and research and will revolutionize the healthcare systems as we know them by using machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and other intelligent technologies.

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