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July 11, 2020
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Romanian DIGI Communications performs very well in Spain

DIGI Communications is the largest Romanian telecommunications group, offering services in Romania, Spain, Italy and Hungary. In Romania, DIGI is the main household internet provider, but also has the biggest share of the Romanian business internet providers market.

DIGI Communications exceeded EUR 1 billion in revenues a year and it proves it is one of the most successful IT enterprises in the Eastern Europe. On top of that, DIGI Communications also performs well in Spain, where it is indicated as the second operator in this country by the number of the people who change their existing mobile services provider in their favor.

DIGI Spain is going to reach 2 million mobile services users in 2020, as it now has 1.74 million users. Altogether, DIGI Spain is the 5th largest internet and mobile communication provider in Spain and is trusted not only by the Romanian immigrants, but also by the native Spanish subscribers.

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