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March 3, 2024
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Romanian Fashion Designer Stephan Pelger Dies at 44

Romanian fashion designer Stephan Pelger dies at 44, according to judicial sources. The man was found in a house in Bucharest. Reportedly, investigators and paramedics who arrived at the scene told the local media that the designer had hanged himself, but an official statement was not issued.

The Bucharest Police Department issued a press release following the incident without naming the victim or the cause of death.

On June 8, 2023, the policemen of the General Directorate of Police of the Municipality of Bucharest – Section 8 were alerted, through emergency number 112, that a deceased person was found in a house in Sector 2. The police went to the scene, as well as a medical team that confirmed the death of the person.

Bucharest Police Press release on the incident

No other details about the designer’s death are known, but he reportedly suffered from insomnia and depression. Also, recently, he said he missed his dad, who died in 2019.

His most recent post on Instagram shows him smiling.

Depression, if this is what determined him to take his life, is taking thousands of lives a year, primarily adults. More effort is needed to help people in such difficult situations. However, as it happens regularly, not even family members know the situation with their relatives or the complexity and risks of this state of mind.

The designer’s death is already mourned on social media, and people who knew him and fans expressed their condolences.

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