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February 3, 2023
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Political Crisis in Romania: No Agreement between Parties

The political crisis in Romania continues and reaches a deadlock. At the moment, there is no agreement between the parties to negotiate the new Government. Besides, the PSD – Social Democrats and PNL – Liberals seem to be very close to breaking the current agreement of forming the new Government.

The negotiations are halted, and the two major parties send bitter messages to each other. There is no clear reason behind the situation. Still, sources claim it’s all about the nomination of the Prime Minister and about the ministries to be taken by the parties within the new coalition.

The Liberals do not exclude returning to negotiating with USR – the reformist party. The only problem is USR signed the no-confidence motion against the Liberal Government, which made the Government fail the vote in the Senate.

There is only one point with which all the party leaders agree: Romania has to have a Government by next Thursday. From this perspective, PSD, which has the critical number of votes to pass any government, is willing to support a minority coalition and withdraw from the current negotiations.

Either way, Romanian politicians proved once again they value their own personal and political welfare more than they love the country’s stability. Disregard their patriotic speeches, this never-ending fight for power shows more than any of them is willing to show.

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