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May 22, 2024
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David Popovici: I Feel Stronger than Ever Before!

On his return from Fukuoka, where he disappointed his fans after losing his world title, David Popovici, the Romanian swimming wonder, delivered an exceptional speech in front of the journalists at the airport.

He said the competition was a valuable lesson for him, and the results came after a very chaotic year. Also, he stated he felt more vital than ever and promised to get exceptional results in the future.

David Popovici’s speech after the World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka

Thank you for your presence. First of all, I would like to thank the people who supported me, who supported me, who watched the World Championship. In even less good times, I have learned how important your support is because the good is generally celebrated at competitions.
It is the best opportunity for me now to convey to the youth and children who follow me that there is no magic, only training and constant effort to reach your goal. It’s completely normal, and humans do not always get it right. I really prefer to be a complete athlete who knows how to manage the ups and downs of the unpredictable career that sport brings, I’d rather be that than a robot who only knows how to win. I believe these experiences make me stronger.
It was the most intense in my life, from world registration to the baccalaureate to Fukuoka. It was a chaotic, bizarre year, but I succeeded. I think now is a very good opportunity for me to understand courage and commitment. It’s up to me how I react when I encounter obstacles in my path. That’s all I can control. It’s a process, and I’m here to learn.
As I see things now, I have two options. Number one: I let what happened demoralize me and hold me back. Or I let what happened to motivate me. I will choose the second option, of course. I love what I do; this is the sport, this is the real world, I can’t do it every time, sorry if you’re waiting for something else.
I want to end with a quote from Earl Nightingale: «Never give up on your dream just because it will take time to achieve it. Time passes anyway.»
I have something else to say. I leave this competition with something extraordinary, something I also felt when I finished the Olympic Games in Japan. I am highly motivated, I feelstronger than ever. I have to take a vacation now and care for my body and mind, but I can’t wait to return to training. I want to be the fastest swimmer in the world again, the best because I feel stronger than ever.

David Popovici’s exceptional speech after returning from Fukuoka, Japan

At only 18 and with a full career ahead, David Popovici is motivated and he’s learnt a valuable lesson in Fukuoka. We do believe he’s got the talent and time by his side and he could return more triumphant than before.

He’s still the world record holder in 100 m freestyle after all, right?

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