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Dacia Spring 2021 – Specs, Power, Range, Speed, Pricing

Dacia Spring 2021, the new 100% electric model from Dacia, was presented for the first time in Romania. The event took place this week and lots of auto market journalists were invited to see the model that everybody has been talking about recently. Thus, the specifications, power, range, speed and pricing of Dacia Spring Electric are no longer a secret and the car revealed itself for the general Romanian public.

First off, we have to mention that, by all standards, Dacia Spring will be the cheapest electric car in Europe in 2021 and it will cost approximately EUR 18,000 in Romania. Its pricing seems a little high for those who compare it to a conventional vehicle, but, please, don’t make this mistake: you should compare it to an EV – electric vehicle, not to a conventional one.

Dacia has already shown a model of the car that will be available for sale in 2021 for car-sharing services. Besides, in September 2021 the new Dacia Spring will be available for sale for individuals and couriers. Romanians, but also all the Dacia fans, have to wait a little longer until they can order the new Dacia Spring Electric model, a fully electric car, built on a Renault platform, adapted to that of the Renault Kwid crossover.

Dacia Spring electric model – technical specifications

There will be available a version for the general public, but also two business versions will also be released (the one for car-sharing and the one for cargo). The one for car-sharing, which will be coming first on the market, will allow the installation of geolocation systems and will be able to be opened with your smartphone. The cargo, a version for “small entrepreneurs” has only two seats, and the rear seat is replaced with a total storage space of 800 liters and the payload is 325 kg.

The engine to equip Dacia Spring is one of the smallest on the market, developing 33KW (44 HP). This is a real city car engine which allows the top speed to reach 125 km/h. It’s a city car, as we mentioned, so the top speed is not that high. Also, city cars buyers look for other benefits, not for top speed – they want to park their car easier and they want to make it through the traffic jams. Also, last, but not least, they want a friendly fuel-consumption and the little engine offers them a good range for a full charging.

Being a city car, the interior is not very spacious, but it has quite a lot of storage space for the front passengers. In addition, the trunk is generous for a mini class car. The battery charges in approximately 14 hours, at a regular outlet, according to the manufacturer, and in only one hour in the fast charging version.

The range is 225 km and it is considered a good one to be able to use the car in the city traffic for one week without the need to charge your Dacia Spring again. The good thing is that Dacia Spring incorporates a “low power” module which allows the driver to switch the engine for “low consumption” when the driver wants the battery to lasts longer. Not much, but this feature drops the power of the engine from 33 to 23KW and it limits the top speed at 100 km/h. This prolongs the range with 10%, enough for the car to reach the nearest EV charging station.

Dacia Spring – pricing in Romania. Advantages

In Romania, if the buyer applies for the car scrappage program Rabla, and get the ecobonus for electric cars, which can have a value of around E 9,250, Dacia Spring can prove itself a good purchase. Therefore, the price of Dacia Spring electric car is E 18,000, but those who want to buy the car by using this governmental help will pay a final price of only E 9,000. It is not so expensive, after all.

We think Dacia Spring has the specifications and the characteristics to be a success on the European market, as it happened with its conventional models. Also, no doubt about it, Dacia will certainly improve the specs of the Spring model and in the years to come we’ll be able to see more EVs from the Romanian producer.

Photo source: autoreport.ro

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