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March 4, 2024
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Hungarian Press: Salaries in Romania Are Higher than in Hungary

According to Daily News Hungary, the Hungarian people are paid less minimum wages than in Romania. The statistical data on the minimum wages in the European Union shows that Hungary, Latvia and Bulgaria have the lowest minimum income in the EU.

In 2019, the Hungarian minimum wage was EUR 20 more than in Romania, and last December, the Romanians could take home EUR 12 more. Meanwhile, people not having children earn the EU’s third less, while their salaries would be higher in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and even Slovenia.

Daily News Hungary on minimum wages in the EU

It’s worth noting that the analysis refers to the minimum wage. Also, it should be said that there are six countries that don’t have a minimum wage law: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Italy.

The legislation on minimum wage has recently changed in Romania, and employers cannot pay their employees less than EUR 377 net. For this salary, the employers support EUR 598, taxes included. The measure is meant to help those in need in the context of rampant two-figure inflation in the country. The average net salary in Romania is around EUR 800, while in Hungary, it is a little bit more, at around EUR 850, as the taxes in Hungary are lower than in Romania.

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