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March 5, 2024
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How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Child in Romania? Study Says It’s EUR 77,000

Are you wondering how much it costs to raise a child in Romania? The most recent study on the matter reveals surprising data.

As Romania is facing a crushing demographic crisis, with the lowest number of newborns recorded in 145 years during the first half of 2023, experts are trying to understand what causes this phenomenon. The 2023 numbers are not isolated; they are part of a more significant trend of demographic decline, posing a severe crisis for the country.

Romania’s situation is not unique in Europe, as many other European countries also grapple with aging populations and declining birth rates. In 2021, the average number of children born per mother in the European Union stood at 1.53, with Romania slightly above this average at 1.81 children per mother. Notably, in countries like Italy and Spain, with sizable Romanian communities, these numbers are even lower at 1.25 and 1.16, respectively.

Experts attribute this decline to various factors, including the increasing education and career pursuits among women, improved access to contraception and family planning, declining infant mortality rates, and shifting economic conditions that influence lifestyle choices.

As living standards rise, so do the expenses associated with raising a family, posing financial challenges for parents who aspire to have larger families. In response, ClubulCopiilor.ro has studied the cost of raising a child in Romania. 

The study, which focused on assessing the minimum cost of raising a child from birth to age 19 in an urban family in Romania, highlights the financial responsibilities faced by parents.

The estimated cost of raising a child in Romania is EUR 77,396, with the cost for a second child at EUR 51,787

For parents planning to have two children, the total cost is projected to be at least 1 million RON until they finish high school. However, it’s important to note that this cost is spread over 19 years, which may alleviate some initial concerns.

How did we calculate this number?

first child costs
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

The methodology used in the study draws from an analysis conducted in 2018 by Syndex Romania and the Quality of Life Research Institute, which established the minimum consumption basket for a decent standard of living in Romania. By utilizing this framework and adjusting prices with annual consumer price indices provided by the National Institute of Statistics, ClubulCopiilor.ro arrived at its estimations.

secind child costs
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

Importantly, the study reveals that the costs for a second child are significantly reduced, benefiting from resources already established during the first child’s upbringing.

Breakdown of the Cost to Raise a Child Based on Expense Type

Understanding the cost of raising a child can help parents financially prepare and adapt to the new challenges of family life. We will break down the costs based on the type of expense:

1. Nutrition

To calculate nutrition costs, we considered the ingredients needed for food preparation, considering the calorie requirements based on age and the distribution of healthy dietary and energy principles.

  • No additional costs were included in the first six months of life when the child is exclusively breastfed. Later, they require approximately 300 kcal/day on average until age one.
  • As the child grows, the caloric intake varies from 900 kcal/day for ages 1-2 to 2600 kcal/day at 19. This ensures an appropriate approach to nutritional needs based on the child’s developmental stage.

The cost analysis for nutrition in the first year of life includes additional expenses such as breastfeeding counselling (200 lei per session), food diversification from 6 months to one year, with an average of 300 kcal/day, and the need for vitamin D supplements, along with exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months.

AgeDaily Required CaloriesAverage Annual CostTotal Cost
6 months – 1 year300 kcal/day444 RON683 RON
1-6 years1100 kcal/day3,412 RON17,062 RON
6-11 years1600 kcal/day5,008 RON25,042 RON
11-15 years2050 kcal/day6,417 RON25,668 RON
15-19 years2450 kcal/day7,669 RON30,676 RON
Nutrition Expenses99,131 RON
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

2. Clothing

For the first year of life, the following clothing items were taken into account: 20 onesies, 12 jumpsuits, 12 thin pants, 2 pairs of newborn gloves, 8 hats, 20 pairs of socks, 2 thick blouses, 2 pairs of thick pants, a set consisting of a scarf-hat-gloves, 2 pairs of booties, 2 winter rompers, 2 overalls for spring/fall, and 2 sets consisting of a blouse/pants or 2 dresses (see APPENDIX).

For the age range from one to 19 years, jackets, winter-appropriate footwear, sportswear, and summer clothing were added, as well as underwear, while excluding onesies, jumpsuits, and other items specific to infants.

Winter Clothing (coat, jacket)1 pc./yearSpring Footwear2 pcs./year
Winter Pants1-2 pcs./yearFall Shirts/Blouses1-2 pcs./year
Sweater1-2 pcs./yearSummer Pants (shorts)2 pcs./year
Scarf1 pc./yearSummer Footwear2 pcs./year
Gloves1 pc./yearTracksuit2 pcs./year
Hat1 pc./yearSport Shoes2 pcs./year
Winter Footwear2 pcs./yearT-shirt5 pcs./year
Spring/Fall Jacket1 pc./yearSocks11 pcs./year
Spring Pants1-2 pcs./yearPajamas1 pc./year
Dress1-2 pcs./yearUnderwear11 pcs./year
Skirt1-2 pcs./yearHouse Slippers1 pc./year

The clothing expenses, divided by age categories, are as follows:

AgeAverage Annual CostTotal Cost
0-1 year2,124 RON2,124 RON
1-6 years2,575 RON12,875 RON
6-11 years2,908 RON14,540 RON
11-15 years3,106 RON12,424 RON
15-19 years3,244 RON12,976 RON
Clothing Expenses54,939 RON
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

3. Family Vacations

An annual 7-day vacation in Romania with hotel accommodation and railway transportation was included. The cost associated with the child refers to the difference between the vacation cost for 2 adults and the vacation cost for 2 adults and one child of the respective age.

AgeAverage Annual CostTotal Cost
1-6 years95 RON475 RON
6-11 years421 RON2,105 RON
11-15 years671 RON2,684 RON
15-19 years944 RON3,776 RON
Vacation Expenses9,040 RON
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

4. Social Inclusion

  • Teatre, Cinemas, and Museums:
    • Teatre: Attendance at theatrical events once every 3 months starting at the age of 6.
    • Cinemas: Watching a film at the cinema once every 3 months starting at the age of 6.
    • Museums: Exploring museums starting at the age of 6. Up to the age of 12, the cost of the accompanying adult’s ticket was included.
  • Books and Continuous Education: purchasing books and other cultural and educational products worth approximately 32 lei/month.
  • Extracurricular Activities and Personal Development:
    • Participation in Extracurricular Activities: Starting at 7, transitioning from occasional participation to workshops and play areas in the early years.
    • Pocket Money: Weekly allowance, starting at the age of 15, ranging from 20 lei/week in the 9th grade to 50 lei/week in the 12th grade.
  • Sports and Recreational Equipment:
    • Rollers/Skates: Purchasing a pair every 4 years, starting at the age of 8 (budget 200 RON/pair).
    • Tricycle: Procuring a pedal-less bike/tricycle/scooter for children aged 2 to 5 (budget 170 RON).
    • Bike with Training Wheels: For children aged 5 to 8, including protective gear (budget 660 RON).
    • Bicycle: For children aged 9 to 12, including protective gear (budget 1,340 RON).
  • School Camp:
    • Participating in a school camp during high school (budget 2,000 RON).
AgeAverage Annual CostTotal Cost
0-1 year385 RON385 RON
1-6 years806 RON4,030 RON
6-11 years2,259 RON11,295 RON
11-15 years2,184 RON8,736 RON
15-19 years2,468 RON9,872 RON
Expenses for Participation and Social Inclusion34,318 RON
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

5. Communication

A significant stage in children’s upbringing is the introduction of modern communication through smartphones and mobile phone subscriptions. This decision requires a careful and responsible approach to balance connectivity and proper technology management. Here is how this expense is planned:

  • Smartphone: The purchase of a smartphone is considered starting at 12. A smartphone is a communication device and a tool for learning and exploration (budget 520 RON/piece, usage period 4 years).
  • Low-cost mobile phone subscription: A low-cost mobile phone subscription is planned alongside acquiring the smartphone. This provides the child access to communication and the opportunity to develop responsibilities related to the conscious use of mobile technology (budget 30 RON/month).
AgeAnnual Average CostTotal Cost
12-15 years489 RON1,467 RON
15-19 years522 RON2,088 RON
Communication Expenses3,555 RON
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

6. Education

Within the education expenses, a series of costs have been estimated to support and encourage academic progress and the child’s involvement in school activities. The assumption is that the child/children will be enrolled in the public education system, and additional costs for tutoring have been considered optional, even though they are common for many families. Here is how these expenses are planned:

  • Acquisition of a personal computer at 13 years old: With the onset of adolescence, the child benefits from an essential tool for education and online exploration (budget EUR 400).
  • School supplies: Purchasing necessary supplies such as pencil cases, standard notebooks, and pens contributes to preparing the child for the school environment (budget allocated starting from 3 years old, ranging from 20 EUR/year to 100 EUR/year in the final year of high school).
  • Textbooks, collections, and special notebooks: Ensuring essential educational resources for each school year, including textbooks, collections, and specialized notebooks (budget allocated starting from 6 years old, ranging from EUR 30/year to EUR 60/year in the final year of high school).
  • Holidays and end-of-year events: Participation in school festivities and events, thus contributing to the child’s educational and social experience (budget allocated starting from 3 years old, ranging from EUR 10/year to EUR 45/year in the final year of high school).
  • Class fund: A voluntary contribution to the class fund (budget allocated EUR 40/year). Even though it is no longer officially legal, the practice continues due to the need to cover specific class expenses. Parents manage the fund and collectively decide on its use.
  • After-school program (only for primary grades, from 6 to 11 years old, budget allocated EUR 500/year).
  • Recreation trip/”School Otherwise” (alternative school activities): A memorable trip that complements the educational experience, providing moments of relaxation and exploration outside the school environment (budget allocated starting from 6 years old, ranging from EUR 35/year to EUR 40/year in the final year of high school).
AgeAnnual Average CostTotal Cost
3-6 years386 RON1,158 RON
6-11 years3,466 RON17,330 RON
11-15 years1,610 RON6,440 RON
15-19 years2,004 RON8,016 RON
Education Expenses32,944 RON
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

7. Personal Hygiene and Household Use

The expenses associated with personal hygiene and household use reflect the attention given to family health and comfort. A weighting method was used with the help of equivalence scales to assess the costs of this nature.

Essential products for hygiene and the proper functioning of the household are included, ensuring a suitable environment for the child’s harmonious growth and development.

  • Personal Hygiene Products: Expenses for items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, skincare products, and others intended to support the daily personal hygiene of each family member.
  • Household Use Products: Purchasing items for cleaning and maintaining the home, such as laundry detergent, cleaning products, and other essentials for maintaining a healthy and clean environment.
  • Baby Care Products: For young children, this category includes diapers, wet wipes, diaper creams, and moisturizing oil.
AgeAnnual Average CostTotal Cost
0-1 year2,477 RON2,477 RON
1-6 years558 RON2,790 RON
6-11 years409 RON2,045 RON
11-15 years539 RON2,156 RON
15-19 years838 RON3,352 RON
Personal Hygiene and Household Expenses12,820 RON
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

8. Housing

Expenses related to housing cover a range of essential aspects to ensure a safe and comforting environment for the child’s upbringing. We analyze three significant components of these expenses:

  • Monthly rate for a mortgage: We considered a monthly rate of 13,500 euros over 30 years with an effective annual interest rate of 8.06%. This reflects the difference between the price of a 2-room apartment with an area of 52 m2 (the legal standard for 2 adults) and a 3-room apartment with 66 m2 (the legal standard for 2 adults and one child) at an average cost per square meter of approximately 964 euros per square meter. The monthly rate is included in the cost assigned to the child.
  • Child’s room furnishings: In the first year, expenses for essential items such as a baby bed, changing table, mattress, etc., were considered. Between 2 and 6 years, the room furniture was added, such as a junior bed, nightstand, wardrobe, carpet, and by the age of 11, a desk and a bookshelf were included to support the educational process.
  • Monthly housing expenses: This category covers various aspects such as the necessary heating energy, additional tax for the 14m2 area, and a portion of water and electricity consumption.
AgeAnnual Average CostTotal Cost
0-1 year7,692 RON7,692 RON
1-6 years6,933 RON34,665 RON
6-11 years6,890 RON34,450 RON
11-15 years6,779 RON27,116 RON
15-19 years6,933 RON27,732 RON
Housing Expenses131,655 RON
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

9. Transportation

The cost of a discounted public transportation subscription has been considered starting from the age of 6. Although the new Education Law, in effect since September 2023, provides free public transportation for all students throughout the school year, we will maintain this minimum amount in the transportation cost analysis due to the recent implementation and challenges faced in some areas.

Expenses for transporting the baby (0-1 year) include a 3-in-1 stroller (800 RON), an ergonomic baby carrier (450 RON), a stroller blanket (50 RON), and a winter bag (50 RON), totalling 1,350 RON.

AgeAverage Annual CostTotal Cost
0-1 year1,350 RON1,350 RON
6-19 years403 RON5,239 RON
Transportation Expenses6,589 RON
Costs are expressed in RON. 5 RON is 1 EUR

For families navigating the financial realities of raising children in Romania, this study provides valuable insights into the costs associated with parenthood and underscores the importance of financial planning.

Exploring Variations in Childcare Costs Across Romania’s Major Cities

To understand the financial landscape of raising children in Romania, our team embarked on a journey to ascertain the minimum costs associated with childcare in different urban centers nationwide. This investigation aimed to shed light on the diverse economic factors shaping the upbringing of children in various regions.

The analysis delved into the urban pricing standards for essential services and products crucial for child-rearing. While certain expenses, such as those for food or clothing, exhibited minor discrepancies across major cities, other categories, such as housing costs or specific service fees, showcased significant variations.

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