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March 4, 2024
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Challenges Faced by Romanian Sustainable Development Department

Recent ”Energy efficiency in retail and selective waste collection’‘ was organized by the legislative committees for businesses and services, the environment, and ecological balance, along with the Chamber of Deputies’ Subcommittee for Sustainable Development. The conference represented the 10th edition, and it had as its main topic the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development for Romania.

The representative of the Sustainable Development Department within the Romanian Government, Laszlo Borberly, was also present and raised important issues concerning the problem of the legal implementation of solutions that never go through or are partially implemented. One such problem was regarding the rightful and sustaining financial allocation per local in the country.

“Unfortunately, I do not comment on what happened with this strategy, I can tell you that it was not applied in practice. We had a very good strategy in 2008, it was the work of about 100 important people in this area and, again , to put it diplomatically, it has been partially implemented[…]”.

Laszlo Borberly, Head of Sustainable Development Department Romania

Borberly mentioned the meticulous process and all the prestigious people involved in the decision-making towards finding solutions and creating the necessary documentation to sustain the initiatives of the 2030 agenda. He tried to emphasize that we are among the few European Union countries that have such documents present or intended to be presented and implemented and that by 2023 there will definitely be an action plan in place. His speech indicated towards the dedication to offer the necessary and legal support the state has to provide for its people, and also the obstacles faced by mainly the lack of support from authoritarian and parliamentary bodies.

”[…] we will also provide a subcommittee to sustain and aid the two Chambers of the Parliament with a monitoring team on this area of ​​sustainable development, in order to record and take note everything that moves around us, how, at what stage we are, when, why and so on.”

Head of Sustainable Development Department Romania

He stressed the value of the partnership with the Parliament in light of the fact that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development cannot be implemented without political will and support, and that the same situation from 1999 would repeat without the imperative actions.

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