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April 21, 2024
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Romanian Parliamentary Elections: Center-Right Coalition Expected to Offer PM

The social-democrats won the Romanian Parliamentary elections, but they cannot offer the PM. Also, as presented yesterday, no political party can form the Government alone. It is clear that the solution is a coalition.

Why the leftists, PSD, cannot offer the PM?

Though the partial counting shows the PSD – Social Democratic Party stands at 30%, almost 6% in front of the ruling party, PNL – National Liberal Party, the leftists have no partners to form a coalition.

The reformist party, USR-PLUS, publicly announced that they want to enter the Government along with PNL, while AUR, the nationalists, publicly announced they won’t enter any coalition. Besides, AUR has conflicting ideas with UDMR, the Hungarian minority party.

Thus, the only party left to enter a coalition is UDMR which are expected to form the Government along with PNL and USR-PLUS.

PSD, even though they won the elections, prepare themselves for entering the Opposition, possibly along AUR, the nationalists, but not as a coalition. It is interesting how the far-right ideas will collide with the left ones within this Opposition.

The Center-Right coalition most likely to form the Government in Romania

The Center-Right Coalition to form the Government in Romania in the next years is likely to be formed by PNL, the ruling party, USR-PLUS and UDMR. These are the parties which are most likely to form the Government in Romania.

It won’t be easy, as they all have conflicting ideas. This is why they will all have to leave room to negotiations and to compromise a lot if they want to reach a consensus.

Either way, Romania will partially keep the governing agenda, as PNL will fight to keep and impose as much as possible from its governing program even after entering the coalition. In the same time, the other two partners will put in lots of efforts to impose their ideas and to please their voters.

Photo source: Lobby Romania

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