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March 5, 2024
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Business DisAbility Summit 2023: December 5, Bucharest

In an age where terms like “inclusivity”, “accessibility” and “sustainability” are becoming part of the global discourse, we aim to transcend to real action, the organizers of the DisAbility Summit 2023 state.

Official statistics indicate that 890,500 adults with disabilities live in Romania, of which:
• 300,000 are between the ages of 18 and 45,
• 33,571 are employed and have a job,
• 1,635 are employed in 387 protected units.

The Business DisAbility Summit is more than an event conceived, created and organized by people with disabilities who bring their unique expertise and experience to bear. It provides a platform to promote accessibility across all industries for a more inclusive and open marketplace.

Transforming Business Through Accessibility and Inclusion

At the heart of organizing the Business DisAbility Summit, the priority is to provide a truly inclusive and accessible experience for all participants. The organizers have thought through every detail to facilitate access and participation. In this conference, they focused efforts to ensure two essential aspects of accessibility:

  • Physical accessibility: Participants will benefit from easy access to the venue, a room set up for an inclusive environment, adapted sanitary facilities, accessible guided routes and doors with automatic opening based on sensors for a convenient and open experience for all.
  • Digital accessibility: We designed a website dedicated to the event that promotes an easy navigation experience for all users. Presentations will be available in easily accessible formats, and sign language interpretation will be available, ensuring authentic and immersive participation.

These efforts are reinforced with the commitment of our carefully chosen partners, who actively promote inclusion, accessibility and sustainability, providing participants with an authentic and enjoyable experience.

Conference Partners: Contributing to Inclusion and Accessibility

The organizers want the conference to hold a manifesto of inclusion and accessibility; being people with disabilities, they wanted to attract partners only from those who have already created a framework of inclusion and accessibility by implementing elements of physical or digital accessibility, turning the conference into a model of inclusion, accessibility and sustainability.

With this choice, they want to emphasize the importance of their partners in promoting a more inclusive and accessible environment. They appreciate their involvement, especially the decision to be part of this movement for a better society.

Agenda Business DisAbility

Business Disability Summit 2023 official banner

One summit, multiple perspectives: The dynamics of the Business DisAbility Summit gives you a complete overview of the future of accessibility in business, with topics such as:

• Innovation in Public Transport: Explore new horizons for accessible mobility.
• Success Stories in Recruiting: Discover how diversity can enrich the workplace.
• Accessible Web Design: Learn about the latest trends in creating digital content for all.
• E-Commerce without Barriers: Embrace technologies that facilitate equal access to services
• Inclusive Educational Platforms: Contribute to shaping the future of education.
• Social Media for All: Every post counts in building a more accessible world.
• Sports and Excellence: Get inspired by supporting sports at all levels.

The event will cover critical topics, including innovations in public transport, recruitment success stories, accessible web design and the importance of social media for accessibility. Outstanding inclusion and accessibility initiatives will also be recognized and awarded through the AccessIN Awards.

Conference participants are from diverse fields, including:

• Business Leaders: To promote a more inclusive business environment and understand the impact of change.
• Human Resources Professionals: To explore new ways to recruit and retain employees with disabilities.
• Entrepreneurs and NGO Representatives: To develop innovative ideas and support social projects.
• Technology Specialists: To implement accessible and inclusive technology solutions.
• Investors: To fund initiatives that promote inclusion.
• People with Disabilities: With a central role in the event, these participants bring a unique and essential perspective on the needs and challenges of accessibility and inclusion.
• Representatives of Protected Units: Their experience and knowledge contribute to the professionalization and social protection of people with disabilities.

All participants will benefit from an environment prepared for physical and digital accessibility and an agenda covering essential aspects of creating a more inclusive and sustainable society.

This summit will constitute a declaration of principles and a promise for the present of a solid commitment to building a Romania where every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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