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July 12, 2024
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Bulgargaz under Police Investigation Following Rumours of Exporting Cheap Gas to Romania

Bulgargaz, the largest Bulgarian natural gas distribution company, is under investigation. Bulgarian police and officials from the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security conducted search and seizure on the premises.

The action came after rumours had it that Bulgargaz exported cheap gas from Chiren storage facility to Romania, in a context of energy and gas prices soaring in Bulgaria.

The executive director of Bulgargaz, Nikolay Pavlov, commented the accusations for Mediapool:

The gas is sold on gas exchanges only if there are surpluses of the quantities requested by our consumers and it is the most expensive gas, the Russian, which is not included in the pricing for the regulated market

Nikolay Pavlov cited by Mediapool

Bulgargaz rejected categorically any accusations of selling cheap gas to Romania and denied all the rumours in a recent press release.

Regarding inquiries from the media, Bulgargaz EAD informed that the company is currently undergoing several inspections by control bodies, including employees of SANS and GDNP. As a public supplier of strategic importance for the Bulgarian gas market, Bulgargaz EAD is regularly subject to audits and other inspections by the competent institutions. We believe that this is necessary and useful for strengthening public confidence in the work of the company.

Bulgargaz EAD accepts the inspections as a good opportunity to establish the truth on a number of issues related to the prices and supplies of natural gas.

The team of Bulgargaz EAD provides full assistance to the representatives of the inspection institutions, continuing to work for the benefit of the owner of the company – the Bulgarian state, its customers and the Bulgarian society.

Bulgargaz EAD will continue its policy of openness and transparency

Board of Directors of Bulgargaz EAD

Still, the skyrocketing prices for natural gas generated the situation where Bulgarian authorities have to intervene and sort things out.

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