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November 27, 2022
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Bitdefender Technologies Now Support Amazon GuardDuty for Advanced Threat Detection

Bitdefender, a global cybersecurity leader, today announced Bitdefender antimalware technology supports Amazon GuardDuty. This threat detection service monitors suspicious activity and behaviour to protect Amazon Web Services (AWS), accounts, workloads and data.

Bitdefender antimalware technology offers AWS customers advanced threat detection to detect known and unknown malware, zero-day attacks, and malicious activities. Bitdefender alerts customers when it detects malicious activity or malware in Amazon GuardDuty environments. It also provides context-based, actionable insights that can help speed up and guide response actions. Amazon GuardDuty customers can quickly and easily buy Bitdefender licenses for automated remediation capabilities that eliminate threats from their environment.

Effective security requires a shared responsibility model. This means that the cloud provider and the end customer share responsibility for protecting the environment and workloads. However, many companies don’t have visibility into the threats to their cloud workloads during runtime. Amazon GuardDuty is supported by Bitdefender technology with a focus on addressing this challenge.

Bitdefender antimalware technology offers multiple layers of protection, including machine-learning models, heuristic analysis and machine-learning models for standard detection. It also provides advanced signatureless detection, signature-based detection, and emulation. Amazon GuardDuty customers have multi-layered threat detection and protection across all cloud workloads on Windows and Linux operating systems.

Bitdefender was founded to become the world’s most trusted cybersecurity solution provider. Bitdefender’s mission is to protect individuals and organizations worldwide from cyberattacks that can transform and enhance their digital experience.

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