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January 24, 2022
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Bitdefender Prepares for IPO According to International Media

Bitdefender prepares for an IPO. This is what Unquote claims, citing three sources close to the company. An IPO – Initial Public Offering is when a company becomes public and is listed on a stock exchange. Anybody could buy shares of the company after listing.

According to the same source, Bitdefender has already hired JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley for consultancy to prepare for the IPO.

The key for this move is the investment fund Vitruvian Partners, which owns 30% of Bitdefender and is the second major shareholder after the Talpes family. The investment fund would look to exit the investment, which is the reason behind the IPO.

If the IPO is a success, Bitdefender, evaluated at 600 million USD, could become one of the Romanian unicorns, meaning a company assessed at 1 billion USD. So far, UiPath is the first Romanian unicorn and the only Romanian decacorn.

The listing procedures could be finished in 2022, and the company would become public.


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