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June 15, 2024
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Foreign Policy Analyst: Biden Crushes Romania with Pressure to Deliver Patriot System to Ukraine

Joe Biden exerts almost crushing pressure on Romania to deliver the functional Patriot System to Ukraine. This is the conclusion of one of Romania’s most reputable foreign political analysts, Professor Dan Dungaciu from the Bucharest University. This is a problem for Romania, especially while other countries, such as Poland, announced they wouldn’t deliver their Patriot systems to Ukraine.

According to President Zelensky, Ukrainians need two Patriot systems for Kharkiv – and much more. You can’t find Patriot systems at the supermarket. They are pretty few, challenging to produce, there are many promises, and Taiwan is also waiting for them. The big problem, the political pressure President Biden has put on Romania, in my opinion, is almost crushing. Romania’s big dilemma is that there are elections. Romania’s second dilemma is that Poland does not give Patriot. If Poland had given Patriot, it was impossible to say “no”. If Poland does not give a Patriot, it is tough to convince why you give it.

Professor Dan Dungaciu on the political pressure exerted by Joe Biden on Romania

The formal request was made in Washington this month when Romania’s President Klaus Johannis met Joe Biden. At that moment, when asked by the journalists, Johannis avoided a direct answer to whether Romania would deliver a Patriot system to Ukraine.

Politicians in Romania postponed the Supreme Council for National Defense meeting on this subject until after the elections. As Professor Dan Dungaciu mentioned, the population could feel vulnerable, impacting their voting decision.

What does Poland say? We are on the front line. If Poland does not give the Patriot, it will be much more complicated for Romania to explain why it gave it. Thirdly, remember that narratives appeared, which, in a way, lie to the world, “the Russians, if they win in Ukraine, enter NATO states, including Romania”. Whether we believe it or not, we probably don’t believe it. Still, the population looks and says, well, if Russia attacks NATO states, what are we going to defend ourselves within those two or three weeks until NATO comes after Article 5?

Professor Dan Dungaciu on the influence of the decision on voters

In the same TV show, broadcast by the national TV station B1, Dungaciu also referred to the inability of Romania’s officials to negotiate something in return.

The big problem, by the way, is what Romania could ask for; unfortunately, Romania asked for almost nothing for nothing. The performance of Romania, Romania, which failed to negotiate even entry into Schengen, will be challenging to convince the population of Romania that we will get something in return. What has Romania received in return lately?

Professor Dan Dungaciu on the inability of Romania to negotiate favorable terms

With a President more concerned about his political future, more inclined to execute suggestions coming from Washington, and with a Government focusing exclusively on June 9, the local and European election date, thus more inclined to oppose such a decision, the only functional Patriot System that Romania has could stay even longer in the country.

However, one thing is clear: Ukraine needs all the defence systems in the region combined to resist the latest counter-offensive of the Russian forces. And even all these could not suffice. In this context, Romania’s decision to deliver one Patriot System would be only a symbolic gesture to show the Biden administration that the country is the most obedient ally in NATO’s Eastern flank.

On the other hand, if Romania bends under this pressure, it could place more pressure on Poland to behave the same way.

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