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April 21, 2024
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Air Moldova Prohibited to Resume Flights to Moscow by Aviation Authority

A dispute started between the private carrier Air Moldova and the Moldovan Civil Aviation Authority.

In short, Air Moldova announced on Friday, September 9, that it would resume flights to Moscow from October 1st. The Moldovan air companies ceased flights to Russia in February. Since then, no Moldovan airplane has flown towards or from Russia.

According to the air company, the resumption of flights to Moscow is a necessity, as there are Moldovan citizens who want to get back home from Russia. Still, some tourists bought tickets before the pandemic and now want to fly to Russian destinations.

The Civil Aviation Authority in Moldova replied in a press release that all flights toward Moscow are prohibited.

To ensure aeronautical safety and security, considering SSC/AIR-01/05-2022/RUS (Significant Safety Concern) issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization, as well as the decision of the European Aviation Safety Agency to suspend all certificates and approvals issued to the aeronautical agents of the Russian Federation, the Civil Aviation Authority, informs the press and passengers that, on September 10, 2022 it was isued the Operational Directive no. 06 – 10/09/2022, which prohibits the carrying out of air operations in the airspace of the Russian Federation by national air operators.

Civil Aviation Authority in Moldova

In the opinion of the president of the Civil Aviation Authority in Moldova, cited by stiri.md, this is just an attempt from the shareholders of Air Moldova to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova.

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