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March 30, 2020
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US Congress approved Romanian born American to be new Ambassador to Romania

Hans Klem is to be replaced by a Romanian born American. Mr. Adrian Zuckerberg, who is a lawyer, was confirmed by the American Congress, with 63 votes in his favor and 30 against.

Adrian Zuckerberg was born in Romania, he speaks fluent Romanian and emigrated to the United States when he was 10, during the communist regime. His arrival will replace Hans Klem, the controversial current American Ambassador, whose involvement in the Romanian internal affairs is notorious. Hans Klem is known for his “urges” sent to Romanian institutions which were supposed to be independent, such as the Romanian Parliament; also, he is known by his visits paid to the Romanian chief prosecutors or even to the Supreme Court president during a period when sensitive cases were debated in the court.

What should Romanians expect from Adrian Zuckerberg, the new American Ambassador? First of all, he is Romanian, so he understands more than others the Romanian way of live. Also, by living during the communist regime in the country, Adrian Zuckerberg knows the burden the Romanian people carry on its shoulders in terms of poverty, lack of development for certain areas, corruption or the way Romanians position themselves in the geo-political Eastern European space.

Will he help Romania by encouraging real American investments in the country and by letting Romania find its own way to the real democratic values? His Romanian roots speak in his favor, but only time will tell.

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