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September 22, 2020
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UAE Investment Group to Buy DINAMO Bucharest Football Club

This is not breaking news anymore, but mostly an analysis of what is about to happen to the Romanian major football league club, Liga 1 as it is known.

The announcement has been officially made: Abu Dhabi Business Development is interested in acquiring DINAMO Bucharest, one of the major Romanian clubs, with tradition, the greatest fans and lots of cups and trophies won. The UAE investment group belongs to Tahnoon Nimer, a billionaire who is not at its first football acquisition. Recently, Abu Dhabi Business Development bought Charlton Athletic from the second English football league. Interesting enough, both clubs, the Romanian and the English one, have the same colors, white and red.

DINAMO Bucharest has the most fanatic fans in Romania. Not once they shocked the European football lovers with their stadium choreographies, elaborated and full of symbols and significance. A few years ago they simply infiltrated inside the stadium during one European football game of their biggest rivals, FCSB, and, by tricking the owner of the club, who thought they were from a reputable company who offers stadium choreographies, they displayed a message on the stadium, by making FCSB supporters dress particular garment. The message said ”ONLY DINAMO BUCHAREST” and this PR stunt went viral all over the world.

The same supporters, as fanatic and as creative might they be, can’t play themselves in the pitch. Moreover, they lost their patience waiting for the football players to get the club where it once belonged, in the Champions League semi-finals.

Now, this announcement seems to solve the situation. The problem with DINAMO is they don’t have an investor. The Romanian football, the whole of it, lost some of its football investors after Romanian justice decided to tackle all the financial mistakes some of the owners did. Thus, DINAMO owner, along others, went to prison, while the clubs were bought by so-called “investors”, whose main concerns were how to sell valuable players and get lots of money fast.

By getting such an investor, DINAMO fans will probably see their dear stadium rebuilt or refurbished, as DINAMO remained the oldest Bucharest stadium with no major repairs since its construction. Also, a proper coach and valuable players will contribute to the successes DINAMO Bucharest will definitely meet in the future.

The conditions for the investor to buy the club are simple – DINAMO has to get the license for the next season, which means it has to have no debt towards the players, but also to stay in the first league. Some of them already left the club, being sold in order for the old debts to be paid.

The future will tell, but for a billionaire looking to buy a football club with such a tradition and with such creative and devoted supporters, DINAMO Bucharest seems to be the very right choice.

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